Rules of the program

Please note that tutoring is for current active Wayne State University students.  When scheduling a tutoring session for a course, questions should relate to that course. Do not schedule a tutoring session for a course, and ask for assistance in a different course than the one originally scheduled. If you do, your tutor reserve the right to terminate the session  immediately.  Students  are limited to one tutoring appointment per subject per day.

Students are allowed a 15-minute grace period to their tutoring appointment. After 15-minutes, the appointment is assumed to be a no show, and the tutor may work with another student or leave the tutoring area, and the appointment will be marked as such on the student's record.

Standby tutoring:

If you would like to be on a standby on a given day when a tutor is available, please be in the tutoring area at the time of the appointment, and if any appointment is a no show or any last minute cancellations, you will be the first person to get the available appointment.  Sometimes, only given the permission from the student with the appointment, standby students can join the tutoring session if it is for the same course.

If you have scheduling concerns or special needs, please contact the coordinator, Christine Huang, at Please contact the coordinator if you can not make it to your tutoring appointment on the day of the appointment for legitimate reasons to avoid any penalty.

ASC tutoring program cancellation policy

Action Result

Appointment cancelled online with at least 12 hours of notice

No penalty

First missed appointment or Appointment cancelled w/out 12 hours of notice


Second missed appointment or appointment cancelled w/out 12 hours of notice

Two-week ban from scheduling tutoring appointments.
Upcoming appointments will be honored.

Third missed appointment or appointment cancelled w/out 12 hours of notice

Semester-long ban from scheduling tutoring appointments. Any upcoming appointments will be cancelled.

Before your session

  1. Arrive a little early for each scheduled session, as you must check-in prior to receiving tutoring. Please be sure to have your WSU ID Card with you. Failure to complete this process may cause you to be marked as having a missed appointment on your record.
  2. Report directly to the tutoring area for your session. Identify your Tutor: Your tutor will have a name sign/badge.
  3. If you have back-to-back appointments, you must be checked in for each appointment, or it will not be logged, and you may be marked as a "no show".
  4. Please silence or turn off your cell phone before entering the tutoring area.
  5. Do not bring any food to your tutoring session. Drinks with a lid are permitted.
  6. Before coming to the session, attempt to work the on the problem you are having in the course and/or prepare with questions on the content that you need assistance in.

During your session:

  1. Please bring your books and notes and any other supplemental material to each tutoring session.
  2. Tutors cannot and will not complete your homework or other assignments for you. If you ask for this to occur, your session may be terminated.
  3. Tutors cannot teach or explain entire lectures or chapters.
  4. Tutors will guide you through the material that you have requested assistance in, you are expected to actively participate in the session.

After your session:

  1. Check the area around you to make sure you have all of your belongings. The ASC cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  2. Sign out after your tutoring session is finished, and before leaving the tutoring area.