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Academic Persistence Program

The Academic Persistence program is an initiative of the Academic Success Center launching Fall 2023. The program is designed to provide critical support to students struggling academically, focusing primarily on those navigating academic probation. Currently, our dedicated Academic Persistence Specialists are working to connect with students enrolled in the Warrior 360 program who are on academic probation. In addition to our close partnership with the Success Coach team of Warrior 360, we look forward to working with those advisors whose advisees are navigating academic probation as a participant of Warrior 360. We will offer students a service entitled Academic Rebound. As we know, rebounds can occur from short distances--such as a pre-nursing student who failed their first Biology exam, or from longer distances--like those navigating multiple semesters on academic probation. Students working with an Academic Persistence Specialist to complete a customized Academic Rebound plan can expect: 

  • Individualized Support: Each student will be paired with an Academic Persistence Specialist who will work closely with them to create a customized academic success plan. This plan will outline individualized academic goals, improvement strategies, and bolster their confidence in their academic capabilities. 

  • Biweekly Check-ins: Our Academic Persistence Specialists will conduct regular check-in sessions with each student to monitor their progress towards their academic goals, provide guidance, and make necessary adjustments to their academic success plans. 

  • Access to Resources: Students participating in the program will gain direct access to a number of academic support services such as: tutoring, supplemental instruction, study skills coaching, and success workshops, all aimed at enhancing their understanding of course materials and aiding them in navigating academic and non-academic challenges. 

  • Collaboration with Staff: We intend to adopt a “support team” approach to each student’s rebound plan, working closely with advisors, success coaches, and other staff members to form a dedicated support network around the students. This collaborative effort ensures that students know they have an entire team dedicated to their success.  

We're excited to pilot this effort in partnership with Warrior 360 and are eager to expand this offering to additional groups in subsequent semesters. Stay tuned for updates and expanded information in the weeks to come.

For further information about the Academic Persistence Program, or the Academic Rebound service, contact:

Veronica Killebrew- Associate Director, Academic Persistence

Len Hernandez- Coordinator, Academic Persistence