Rules and policies

Course Study Group is a weekly commitment for students to discuss class material and/or practice exercise to make connections of the new material with previous knowledge. 

Students are expected to attend the study group meetings weekly, and actively participate in discussions among their peers and/or the facilitator.

Students are allowed a 15-minute grace period to their study group meeting. . After 15-minutes, if not one member from the group attends the meeting, the group meeting is assumed to be a no show.  If majority of the members do not attend the meetings for two consecutive weeks, the group may be cancelled.  Any students with three consecutive unexcused absences can be removed from the group.  The facilitator reserves the right to remove students from the group who may be disruptive and/or uncooperative.   Additionally, the facilitator reserves the right to remove any member who consistently arrive late to the group meeting (more than 15 minutes late) or consistently miss meetings.

ASC Course Study Program Policy

Action Result

First missed meeting

No penalty

Second consecutive missed meeting


Third consecutive missed meeting

Removal from the group