Study Skills Academy

Evidence-based study strategies to enhance learning and academic performance 

The Study Skills Academy is a free, university-wide program offering a variety of services to ultimately enhance the success of Wayne State University students. In addition to working directly with students to provide them with evidence-based study strategies, we offer professional development trainings, guest lectures, and individual consulting to staff and faculty to promote a campus culture of learning effectiveness. 

The Study Skills Academy is committed to supporting WSU students by arming them with applicable learning performance strategies. We recognize that not all students have access to in-person services during traditional operational hours. We are happy to connect with our students both in-person or virtually, six day a week. 

Navigate our menu to learn more and request services. Updates on each service can be found on their respective pages. 

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Connect with us online

Our online service is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Join our Canvas study skills course for learning performance resources, to connect with a Specialist, and to discuss effective study strategies with other WSU students.

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