Subject Binders

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Subject Binders are available for you to use as study and review resources. These binders are created for specific courses by SI leaders from the materials they generate throughout the semester.

Subject Binders may include a variety of supplements and study aids such as course notes, quizzes, practice exams, review sheets, study guides, tip sheets, and more!
Subject Binders are not available for all WSU courses, so please check with the Academic Success Center to see if we have what you're looking for.
Subject Binders are ASC property and are not permitted to leave the ASC. While we do not make copies of materials, you are welcome to hand copy any material out of the binder for your personal use.
Below are digital versions (.pdf) of some of our more popular subject binders. Feel free to use these at your convenience!



CHM 1240

CHM 1220


PHY 1020


PSY 1010  

PSY 3010


SPA 1010

SPA 1020


We will continue to digitize subject binders in order to make them more accessible for WSU students!