Sleep and Learning

Sleep is a crucial component of academic success, mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. The Study Skills Academy recognizes the impact of sleep on the learning process. Below are resources on the topic of sleep in addition to information about our yearly Sleep Week event. 

Sleep Week is a university-wide effort bringing awareness to the importance of sleep through educational activities and events. Events and dates will vary from year-to-year. View the 2021 Sleep Week event lineup.


Daily Sleep Challenges

As you begin to participate in the daily sleep challenges, feel free to use the hashtag #restedwarrior when sharing your story on instagram and twitter. 

Monday: Create a comfortable sleeping environment and start to keep track of how long you sleep each night by keeping a sleep journal. A sleep journal should include date, bedtime, wake time, and duration of sleep for each day at most.  

Tuesday: Avoid doing work in bed and practice avoiding drinking fluids 1-2 hours before bed. 

Wednesday: Create a sleep routine if you don't have one already.

Thursday: Practice the body scan technique.  

Friday: Let your body naturally decide when to wake up. Silence those alarm clocks, especially if plans have not been made for the next day or two.  

What are Wayne State University students saying about sleep? 



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Books to check out: Please click on each book cover below to learn more about the book. 



The National Sleep Foundation hosts an annual Sleep Awareness Week each March.

On behalf of the Study Skills Academy and Wayne State University Partners, we wish you a happy Sleep Week and a good night's rest 52 weeks a year.