Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

  • The Wayne State University Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) is a comprehensive student support program that helps students to get acclimated to Wayne State and what it means to be a successful college student. In partnership with other programs and departments across the University, the Warrior VIP ensures students' successful transition into college, fosters their positive engagement in the university setting and prepares students to challenge themselves as leaders beyond graduation.


  • Warrior VIP students are part of a community of learners who thrive intellectually and personally.  With the support of Wayne State University's Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, a skilled team of peer mentors and the generosity of external donors, the Warrior VIP welcomed 76 new students in the 2017/2018 academic year, an additional 136 new students in Fall 2018, and 154 students Fall 2019. We are currently recruiting for the 2020/2021 cohort, we have about 220 students for fall 2020 and can accept up to 250.


  • Invited Warrior VIP participants include students who may have expressed they would like additional support while at Wayne State. Invited students come from a number of local high schools and may have been suggested by their high school counselors.  Potential Warrior VIP students have displayed leadership skills, want to get involved and are interested in starting their freshman year off strong academically.  The Warrior VIP considers a variety of factors when selecting talented students who have been admitted to WSU to join the learning community. Selected students have demonstrated the potential for leadership and success in college and will receive an invitation by U.S. mail and by email to join the learning community. Students will be notified of their selection during their senior year of high school.


Students who choose to participate in Warrior VIP will start with pre-college workshop sessions.  These sessions are designed to help students get to know each other, the peer mentors of Warrior VIP as well as what the program entails. 

Momentum: A Warrior VIP Summer Experience: This is the last pre-college workshop and is the week prior to classes starting.  This is a weekend and evening pre-college program designed to introduce students to WSU resources and help students establish connections with other incoming students and university faculty and staff during their first week on campus.

The five-day Momentum Summer Experience immerses students in lectures and discussions with faculty and learning specialists to strengthen academic skills and learning strategies during the week prior to the start of the semester. Students establish friendships and begin their first semester with an understanding of their strengths and prepared to leverage resources to make improvements in other areas. This program will run 8/17/2020-8/21/2020.

Peer Mentors: Experienced students serve as trusted guides, helping first- and second-year VIP students navigate the new college environment. Peer mentors also help students recognize that many of their anxieties about college life are shared by their peers and that the university has supports in place to ensure that they progress successfully. Incoming freshmen are paired up with a peer mentor during Momentum.  Students who do not participate in Momentum will be paired up with their peer mentor the first week of classes.

*Many VIP students choose to become peer mentors their 2nd year, because they see this leadership role as an opportunity to support newer students just as they were supported.

First-Year Seminar (FYS) 1010: FYS 1010 Learning with the Brain in Mind is grounded in the science of learning and emphasizes a growth mindset to drive student motivation and achievement. In small class environments, students explore topics such as time-management, wellness, stress-management, diversity, as well as applicable evidence-based learning strategies, all which offer students a solid foundation to succeed both academically and personally. FYS 1010 satisfies the Wayne Experience General Education Requirement.

VIP Panel Discussion and Speaker Series: To support students' career exploration and major selection, the VIP Panel Discussion and Speaker Series introduces students to professionals in a variety of fields and to the wide range of opportunities within industries.

Financial Literacy and Education workshops teach students how to make smart decisions about the dollars they earn and help students stay knowledgeable about credit, budgeting and student loans.

The Warrior VIP Coalition is comprised of student services representatives and program coordinators who meet regularly to make efficient use of university capacities, share resources and best practices and address student concerns. Students who participate in learning communities affiliated with the VIP Coalition benefit from the shared resources and the improved communications that have resulted from the coordinated support of learning community partners.


We are proud of our students' accomplishments!

  • VIP students from the initial 2017 class were retained into their third year at a rate of 80%, compared to 69% for the cohort overall.
  • The retention rate was 82% for VIP students who completed FYS 1010 during their first semester. 
  • The second VIP class was retained at a rate of 80% into their second year, compared to 79% retention for the overall 2018 cohort.


-"Warrior VIP brings out the best in you and they want you to do well in all of your classes. [It] is like a family to me, and I can't wait to make more memories with all of the future mentors and mentees."

- Austin G., VIP Peer Mentor and Third-Year VIP Student

What Warrior VIP is doing during COVID-19

  • Community and belonging are more important now than ever.
  • Since March, peer mentors have kept in touch with students remotely.
  • Virtual chat sessions are hosted every week to give students a virtual space for support and connection.  



What is your vision for your freshman year in college? The Warrior VIP team is thrilled to welcome you to Wayne State University. You have been selected to participate in a program designed to help you realize your vision through a series of early support workshops that address some of the typical challenges students face during their transition to college.

As a member of the Vision 2023 class, you will experience all the excitement of life on and around campus as soon as you're admitted. You'll also be able to:

· Receive personalized support through the Academic Success Center and Office of Multicultural Student Engagement.

· Participate in a First Year Seminar (FYS 1010) just for Warrior VIP students.

· Gain early access to important campus resources like the Office of Student Financial Aid, Dean of Students Office and Career Services.

· Gain valuable insight from current students through the Peer Mentors program.

Join Warrior VIP for fall 2020!

Warrior VIP has reached capacity for fall 2020. 


Dates to remember:

Warrior VIP will host virtual lunch chat sessions.  All sessions begin at 1:00 pm.  If you are interested in joining me and the Warrior VIP peer mentors and you are not a part of the fall 2020 incoming freshmen class, please contact me for the link.  Ae4082@wayne.edu

If you are a part of the fall 2020 incoming freshmen class, a link will be sent to you the Wednesday prior to the session.


6/5-Kenya Swanson-Coordinator of Warrior VIP

6/12- Zeina Ghoul-Coordinator of Study Skills Academy

6/19-Jule Thomas-WRT Zone/English Professor

6/26-Joseph Bradfield-Office of Multicultural Student Engagement

7/10-Student Disabilities Services

7/14-Julie Faust-OFfice of Financial Aid & Scholarships

7/17-Group Games

7/24-Student Senate-Political Involvement

7/31-Dance with Miles

8/7-What to expect as a freshman

8/14-Group Games

8/17-8/21-Momentum: A Warrior VIP Summer Experience


Warrior VIP typically participates in a study abroad experience to Toronto each year.  COVID-19 prevented that from happening winter 2020.  We hope to travel again as a group when it is safe to do so. 

In the meantime, check out our Warrior VIP Toronto blog from March 2019: ​


Here is a link to other study abroad programs through Wayne State University:



Questions or interested in participating with Warrior VIP?

Please contact:

· Warrior VIP Program Coordinator: Kenya Swanson at ae4082@wayne.edu, 313-590-2730 or email https://success.wayne.edu/warrior-vip

· DTE/NAACP Lewis Latimer Learning Community Coordinator: Dwight Mcdonald at el7643@wayne.edu or 313-577-9181


Frequently asked questions:

Forgot your AccessID or password?-https://tech.wayne.edu/kb/accessid-accounts/accessid

What if a Warrior VIP student is also participating in another learning community?

Many students are eligible to participate in more than one learning community and choose to do so. In these cases, the communities' coordinators work closely together to ensure that the student benefits from membership in both and is not overwhelmed by working to meet requirements. For some students, the expectations of an additional learning community provide the customized, coordinated care that proves valuable for their success.

How will students be invited to participate in Warrior VIP?

The Warrior VIP considers a variety of factors when selecting talented students who have been admitted to WSU to join the learning community. Selected students have demonstrated the potential for leadership and success in college and will receive an invitation by U.S. mail and by email to join the learning community. Students will be notified of their selection during their senior year of high school.

How will this program impact students' work with an academic advisor?

The intent of Warrior VIP is to help students establish strong ties with WSU prior to starting classes in the fall and to help them build their skills and networks through graduation. To do that, it is important that students meet regularly with their academic advisor. Like other WSU students, Warrior VIP students will be matched with an academic advisor in their department if they've declared a major or with an advisor in the University Advising Center if they have not yet declared a major.

Can students be referred to the program?

Warrior VIP participants are selected during the academic year prior to their first fall semester and must be considered based on the program's selection criteria. To refer a student to Warrior VIP, please contact the Program Coordinator, Kenya Swanson at ae4082@wayne.edu. Students may also elect to participate in Warrior VIP at any point during the semester.


How have Warrior VIP students participating in First-Year Seminar (FYS) prepared for college life?

Warrior VIP participants have the opportunity to enroll in a specialized First-Year Seminar (FYS) course. Topics covered will assist students in understanding themselves as effective learners, setting goals, strengthening time management and study skills, while developing a greater awareness of the factors that influence success and the habits that can support it. 


Ciara Loverdi- Kinesiology https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/N0HZrxJ99mNw-ka2QTDORLELg0CUcyDI3GUXf2tlNCEEfP92U8AR2lNr_K8cyOGVvkPKMzfmXkf1QbvMB7Zi9Fm1l7Io0ldOCE2S0Sb1hPYoyvaDC5JEVogm3q-2ZmH8GALn0cEW


This photo was taken on the day of my high school graduation, the day that I officially became a Wayne State Warrior. I was scared. I had no idea how I would adjust, or if Wayne State was even the right school for me. I picked it solely because I could live at home while attending a University that would best prepare me for my future. Although I'm introverted, I love being in big cities and I love being surrounded by people. I also love being in the comfort of my own home and being close to my family. At Wayne State, I had the opportunity to do both. I adjusted quickly because of all the resources this university has to offer, and I know I picked the right school for me because from the beginning I have been set up to succeed. My professors as well as First Year Seminar, helped me to become the best student I can be in my first semester at Wayne State and set me up to succeed throughout the rest of my college career. Despite my initial doubt I am more than happy with my decision to choose Wayne State and I'm glad I can call it home for the next 4 years. 

Ivy Eifert- Environmental Sciencehttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/WJtRru4vuRAO4aHBpwJmvnMMaFyp7pPP7zY5oz8oCXVOxJo-DkKFU1Lpuig-AtIzxwZb1oNUQ_25arDKLo6gl3h3acTEpUyGgspJm9EG_SjNta5xF7b4NSbdBzX7Lk243C68qIfK


In August of 2019, I was filled with hope and expectation of the beauty that I knew would come from my first semester of college. I felt new – like I had been reinvented into a woman who would take on Detroit singlehandedly. However, these feelings of confidence and independence were soon met by the overwhelming load of work and the stress a full-time schedule brings. These burdens weighed heavily on my shoulders, and actually perpetuated into an anxiety that kept me within the four walls of my dorm room practically all hours of the day; if I didn't have to eat or go to class, I stayed in bed. These practices, paired with the anxiety that caused them, prohibited me from meeting new people and making new friends, which then perpetuated into an innate depression that I had never dealt with before. I became so sad and so numb that I was going back home every single weekend in hopes of feeling some sort of emotion again, but nonetheless, this practice only made my condition worse. My anxiety every Sunday night returning to campus was physically and emotionally crippling.

         Things only began to improve towards the end of October ago when, through strength given to me through prayer, I decided to put myself in a social situation. I found peace with the people of Cru, a Christian organization on campus. I was accepted immediately by these individuals. Further than that, they wanted to spend time with me, they wanted to get to know me. This feeling was something I hadn't felt since my time in high school, and it brought me an insurmountable amount of joy. These friends help me with life's struggles, my schoolwork, and my spiritual hardships. I have never felt more loved, known, or a part of something than I do here. Because of these people, Wayne State has become my home. I have been able to fully transition into a functioning student because of these people and their effect on my life. There are still struggles I am actively dealing with, but the difference is that my schoolwork is not as affected by it because of the community I have behind me that wants to see succeed. This found fellowship encourages me to be productive when it comes to schoolwork, but that personal problems are important as well and should be given attention. In other words, they taught me to look up towards the positives through it all. Currently, I feel like I have transitioned into a true student because I'm able to take care of my school and social life – I have found the balance between the two. I realize now that taking care of myself allows for success in my academic life.


Kyle Libera- Public Relations



Beginning at Wayne State University, I knew was going to be a lot more difficult than high school ever was. And for that reason, I knew I was going to have to straighten up and become a real student. What I mean by that is I needed to begin studying, going to class every day and really focusing on school a lot more than I did in the past. And that's exactly what I have done from August through December in my first semester at Wayne State University. I became a much more tremendous student and learning to manage my time, so I was able to do very well in all my classes. I was encouraged to grow as a student by wanting to do good every year in college because it was basically a fresh start for school. So, I was motivated and still am to continue to grow as a student and do the best I possibly can every semester and every year at Wayne State. The FYS class 100 percent had a large part of my growth this first semester. Teaching new research methods, note-taking methods and most importantly, how to manage my time in the best way possible to succeed.


Tyson Lesley- Computer Science


That's me in that picture, the girl I'm holding is my little girl. In the beginning of the year I really didn't even have the thought of getting through all four years of college, I just wanted a better life for me and my little girl. The more connections I made at Wayne State the more the realization of why finishing college is possible. I made a lot of friends that support me and give me different perspectives of certain things. I didn't really know most of the material at the beginning of the year, but with the help of my instructors and others I was able to find and get the help I needed to succeed in my classes. Now I am to understand the material really well. Me finishing college would not only provide me with a bright future but a better life for the people I care about around me. Now At the end of the semester I am very confident going into semester 2 because i have a lot of resources to guide me to what I need to learn and do.


Montasia Shellman- Communication Science and Disorders


When I grew up, I also wanted to go to a university that I felt like I was meant to be there and generally felt like home. That's the exact thoughts I had when I came and arrived here on the campus of Wayne State university. Granted, I am from a small town in Michigan where the capital of the State is called Lansing. I graduated from a high school that was filled with diversity but also students who were raised from families that had low income. I came to Wayne state university because It reminded me of the resources I had while still in high school. When I first came here, since its my first year, I wasn't really terrified nor was I prepared. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I also knew I had to get myself adjusted to campus and the work load my first year here. I wanted to start my first semester and first year off in college right regardless of the distractions that were thrown my way. I ended up doing good my first semester here but along the way I struggled. There were days where I felt overwhelmed and I had to call my friends while I was doing homework so they could tell me it was alright and not to stress myself about certain things. I ended up getting a lot of help while I was here and because of this it helped me with my growth of being a student here at WSU. The reason why I say this is because I used every resource that was provided to me rather it was tutoring, office hours, going to the library to my own advantage. Because I did that, this made me be comfortable with being a student on campus helping me get through my first half of being a college student.


Blake Arrand- Marketing and Supply Chain Management


Arriving here at Wayne in late august was so far; the most pivotal moment of my life. The combination of loss and gain can be overwhelming, you lose the sense of someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you make the right decisions and lose the feeling of someone picking you back up if you happen to make the wrong decision. These things have pushed me as a person and a student, over the past 4 months I've grown heavily in independence, confidence, and determination, and I'm proud of it. For the most part I've always been a dependent person whether I was at home or in school, I always struggled with leaning on other's actions, choices, and positions. While some could relate or see nothing terribly wrong with that, I'm more than happy with the lengths I've made in becoming a more independent person. Along with independence I have also greatly improved on my confidence while here at Wayne, I find myself being more definite with the decisions I make and more social than even compared to one-year ago when I had trouble being 100% myself when around people who I was unfamiliar with. Now after a few months of engaging with new people, making new friends, and with great guidance from peers to professors I feel more of myself in a way, like I have gained this confidence that I was always meant to have, and I feel like its improving week by week, in my personal life and as a student. The last great improvement I felt I made I my freshman year here at Wayne State University is my determination, for example studying for my k-12 career was a rare occasion while saying that now would be far from true. While this may be the case for many other students, I still feel a great improvement in qualities associated with determination. This was obviously not without the help of others; many professors have done an exceptional job of explaining healthy ways of studying, chunking work, and finding the best environments to get the most amount of work done efficiently. With all these improvements in mind, I'd say that FYS was the most helpful and informational part of my freshman year, more specifically my peer mentor Habeba. Habeba has been a large part to why I've felt comfortable most times this semester, she has helped me with classes, my studying schedule, and walked to me to a building the first week of classes because I didn't know where it was. She may think that I had everything together this semester but being able to come in every week really helped, especially when she was so great. All in all, I feel this semester has helped me more than any other 4 months of my life, I feel like a better and more confident person and a more determined student and wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else but Wayne.


Nia Brown- Pre-Nursinghttps://lh4.googleusercontent.com/9SOI3FleHHkVReTZ-Q7cBN1f-xE6SNhs1mEy56n10uYV2fxREOkJr_CpqYmmjuHyumKuAQm8jtYPVSjHLWAiiu8VgC25JQk2vuYAFQfutwk5fV9MxIB5Ciq7lyxCfi4XmXnQOT-X


Back in my freshman year of high school, I remember being told: "These next four years will be the best years of your life so cherish them". Now that I am wrapping up my first semester of college I think that the four years of college will be my most memorable four years. Since August, I have seen a change in myself whether that be academically, mentally, physically or spiritually. College truly does change you for better or worse. In a sense, the first semester of college is an eye-opener to the real world. Before college, it was always mandatory for me to go to class or do my homework.  Now that I am in college I have to look out for myself, whether that is making myself wake up on time to make it to class or schedule tutoring sessions for myself when I don't understand a concept in class. Without college, I would still be that same person that I was back in high school solely depending on my parents. Do not get me wrong I still depend on my parents but not as much as I used to in high school. I think that the faculty members here, especially in Warrior VIP, has encouraged me to do my best. When I was having trouble in a few of my classes the Warrior-VIP coordinator, Kenya Swanson, reached out to me and assisted me with scheduling tutoring sessions as well as setting me up with a peer mentor that also had the same issues I had who explained to me how they overcame this obstacle. Overall I think that college has shaped me into the person I am now and will continue shaping me in the following years.



I started out at Wayne State doubting myself and confused. Going from a school full of students who looked like me and spoke my first language, to a school with more than 15,000 strangers was a major change. The fact that I was a college student didn't hit me until about 1 month after classes started, I just continued to do things the way I had always done them and i wasn't seeing any progress. What encouraged my growth was definitely my own goals in life. I am the type of person who makes decisions based on how it will affect me in the future. I reminded myself how much I aspired to be successful in the future and how I had to change the way my family is living. Wayne State was a huge help in helping me transition into college. Although they say that in college nobody is there to make sure you're doing the right thing, Wayne State instructors care a great deal and will still try their best to make sure you succeed. I won't say I'm the greatest student now because I know I have a lot of growing to do, but I know I'll get there.


Putice Daniels- Exploratory Music

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/G2af3i37UfJKJZB7KH_WndsjGgD7WOmpFsb8W_YeNXtgFxQNCcTipNtJBhtr0YwVp0oXoCyoxU815WZxnyxF-YjKhm3COJM4fO5FAzCL5pCVUS96wH2xKVgYsS4H0t1nl6RI1C2p ​My first semester at Wayne State was pretty interesting. I gained some new friends,  got more intuned with myself, and became a part of a vocal group. Warrior V.I.P helped me find my place at Wayne State. In the beginning I came to class and went straight home, but now I hang out in offices and talk to other students. Warrior V.I.P has also helped me interact with people would not usually talk to much. I found out how many people feel out of place in the beginning of college and it helped me not feel so isolated. Being a part of the Warrior V.I.P program is a great way to integrate yourself into the environment of college. They basically give you a group of potential friends as a class. Warrior V.I.P's FYS class is different than a normal because you are free to tell your story and truly connect with your classmates. You can truly get to know so much about how many common struggles you and your classmates have in common. People who you may not see yourself gravitating towards could end up being your greatest ally. I am very happy that I get to be a part of this program, it has made me feel more like I belong that anything else on campus.



"You're a very good student, especially with your academic stats", I have heard this for awhile in my academic career. To be fully honest,  it's good to hear. You've worked so hard for something its only expect for the desire to get a good "herray" once and awhile. However no matter the grades I got there was something always missing. It was always hard to feel fit in during my school days, not because of feeling like an outcast but more because we are all the same. I know it doesn't make sense, right. I learned the same math as everyone else, the same English, the same and for anybody who had got free lunch would be the same. Like I said before, it doesn't make sense with the way I felt; however what did make sense was one of my many acceptance letters. The one I chose was even surprising to me but something told me to choose this one, even if it was just for now. Now entering Wayne State University never really had me nervous because I knew they were just classes and I'm sure I could have handled them;however then came the classes. Teachers giving homework left and right,meaning I didn't have much time to do what I wanted to come to college for. Especially for my actual career. I went through rough times where I was unable to keep going and I made mistakes. I gave up. I fell for the fact that many give up on college because "it's too much" and I put that in air quotes because my mistakes not only made me realize who I really am but also that I deserve to be called a student,especially at Wayne. I don't want my career to end because of my weak times. One of my professors told me "you go harder on yourself than anyone to you but at times seem tough love can be good" in a way It's true because when it comes down to it you are your own person. That's why I say that I am a student, might not be the best one , but I am one. With that God bless .https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/BeVau-z_mdE4m27be-4ZLqHpIf8qTdsMfiMKZbcrlX0kEBBVwzq5WOdd0BaelB7r-adRbxyBDZs7ZbJsiOKrQQvYkQuveD423iT7hwrmg8-d0OmyxE17YteJc9M2_l3t1APNoUU8

 When first meets the eye this picture might not mean much but this was me my first day. I was at the office waiting my turn. I might not like the best but I was excited about it. I know its crazy but this was a whole new world for me. I still can't believe that I was minutes away from such a great gallery that would soon change the shape of how I see art forever. College made me 


Hayla dos Santos- Political Science

If you asked me back in August of 2019 if I was excited for college I would've said no, I'm SCARED! But throughout these last couple of months in my first semester of college I realized I had nothing to worry about. As a person I haven't changed much but I've definitely grown and learned many new things. I'd say a big component of this is due to FYS and the Warrior VIP. I wouldn't of became as comfortable as I am with meeting new people if it wasn't for my mentor in Warrior VIP or the friends I made through the community. The picture I chose holds the very first memory I can remember from the start of my college career and it's a picture of a scantron and it was from my first ever exam, which happened to be for my American Government class. The professor handed out the scantrons and instructed us to put our names down and fill in the corresponding bubbles. As I finished I noticed I spelled my own name wrong and I just remember thinking to myself, this is only the beginning and there is always room to grow. Now although it was quite embarrassing spelling my own name wrong it made me think of how my college experience is going to be like. There may be bumps and mistakes that come along but shake it off and grow from them. Months ago I was in highschool where I felt everyone was forced to be there, today I feel honored to go to a university where I feel like my fellow peers and I share a common goal and that is to gain higher education and expand our knowledge of where we want to be in the future. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/Tiul4QCXus_u9geWy-Lb_EkrBpa-BucwTAs4Ete8XSz1l7j2OH0Yo9uZ4wuSLkIzCWWvOeLvbKNkuWRjiHNM1pMGPdyaH2cBBRMY-4Ijsu_dSYNAihlH3Vp__OnrY8Q_G7DiqXVq


Alexis Gonzalez-Haro- Accountinghttps://lh5.googleusercontent.com/JP3Mu_LjSvzuqJcfz_A_3KGIiN_H4UaGUAJ49tDP7NxM16k_TvoXg9eMvQwkVkZXJK1KDbkiuEGZW7AVfDGdlxQLHUGL4KNzxuSxk7d3cvyV0UmmJ9UjdWf1vvS_Oi80YTSIBMq4

In August 2019 I was uncertain of how school was and how my performance in college will be. I was still shocked that I graduated from high school and was given the opportunity to study in a University. I came into the University lost in the direction I wanted to take. All that was clear to me was that I want to study to become an accountant. When I attended my first day, I was nervous and scared. At first, I remember that I felt out of place and like I didn't belong in the university. I felt like I was too dumb to even be there. In high school I was behind my classmates because I missed out on five years of an American education because I lived in Mexico between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. This made me fall behind from everyone else academically but allowed me to develop perseverance and maturity. In college I learned the following things: I am an outlier, determined, a fighter, and skilled in my own ways. College brought me a great amount of knowledge and I'm just ending my first semester. I'm proud to be my family's first generation to attend college and to obtain a great amount of knowledge. What helped me the most to evolve as a student was my FYS class and Warrior VIP program. This helped me with my time management, keep track of my assignments, manage stress, feel comfortable in the University, tutoring, etc. I feel like I couldn't do as good as I did on my first semester in college if it wouldn't have been for FYS and Warrior VIP. 


https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/53YdbDYZEY-lGq8Vb_HUxJZkGpEyC7CRG36d9ewLXjwjlvX4kN0OqKXWo2JOFlSsKzRQydDqF-CsFiZjSDd4YJepq5jsxTUO9waNkB72V_8cITZbAcHj5OPASDhpuqJsIbWEPxjz ​I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but I'll be honest with you, I was stressed, nervous freshman nut job my first 2 weeks at Wayne State. If you try to tell me otherwise then you're just lying through your teeth. I walked into my FYS class and was very relieved that it was a class specifically used to help out students instead of throwing information we don't care about at us. We talked about the many resources around campus that we had available to us, but I had to much pride to ask for help which was a big mistake. I'd say a month into class I finally meet my peer mentor. All I can say is that I am extremely thankful for my peer mentor Habeba. Yes, she helps schedule my classes for next semester and things of that nature but more importantly, she's a friend. I commute to school, and so does just about every other kid that attends Wayne State. What bothered me most about my college adjustment was not having friends or people to interact with, and as a very social person I found this to be an issue. All my other buddies who went to Central have made these new friends because they all live up there, so I started to feel alone. I finally went to meet with my peer mentor and boy am I glad I did. Habeba made me feel comfortable, like we have been friends for years and that's really all I need at the time. After visiting the Warrior VIP room so often, I started getting familiar with more people like Hasef (I think that's how you spell his name)/ Austin and Miles, three super chill guys that I'd love to hang out with. My biggest issue at Wayne State was not the studies or the schoolwork but my lack of social interaction. I felt like I had no friends and that bugged me to see my old high school friends having the times of their lives. If not for the Warrior VIP program, I would probably still be sitting in my room bitching and moaning about how college isn't what I thought it would be. I'm grateful for the changes I went through and I feel like I've grown mentally as a person and a student to just do me and to reach out to new people. The Diversity here at Wayne State is a beautiful thing and I can not wait to see what else this school has in store for me. 


Marcus Taylor- Pre-Nursinghttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/yI5VP8ruRetl-Ltyb4yrsOQeUcTDHnMtlox7MjIFadGC0rPwrvTt9-yM-MMaZrm648lIpiICpPBKaVgZNSsZNRVP5l_OfAUxERuxMTNBi5T0LH8GuH5Fkr5BVc34F5SRYarW96FG

Coming into college, not knowing any ideas, thoughts, nor knowledge of what to fully expect but the work load being higher and more difficult. I have grown a substantial amount as a writer and as a person as a result of my participation in this class. My experiences in this class have also helped me become a better student overall. This class played a huge role in me learning how to be a successful college student. When I compare myself today to how I was back in the beginning of the semester, I say I built a lot more confidence within myself, my writing, and in my work as I produce full effort in classes and that helped build viewpoints that I never thought of before. More than just in writing back in the outside world. The class has taught me how to look at situation and then brainstorm different ideas on my next decisions. My confidence within the class grew stronger because the way the professor interacted and answered question and gave detailed in all reading, writing, tech and reflect skills was infatuating. I will look forward to finishing my educational career being a Warrior!!