Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

 Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

  • The Wayne State University Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) is a comprehensive student support program that helps students to get acclimated to Wayne State and what it means to be a successful college student.  In partnership with other programs and departments across the University, the Warrior VIP ensures students' successful transition into college, fosters their positive engagement in the university setting and prepares students to challenge themselves as leaders beyond graduation.
    • Warrior VIP places a strong emphasis on:
      • Academic resources
      • Social component
      • Major/career exploration
      • Resume building
      • Mentoring-receiving mentorship and providing mentoring
      • Community
  • Invited Warrior VIP participants may include students
    • Who have expressed they would like additional support while at Wayne State.
    • Who have been suggested by their high school counselors. 
    • Who have opted out of the ACT/SAT and applied using the Test-Optional option
    • Who have displayed leadership skills, want to get involved and are interested in starting their freshman year off strong academically.  


Fall 2021 information: 

You are receiving emails and phone calls from your peer mentors. Peer mentors are available to help support you. They help you find academic and social success at Wayne State, especially your first semester. 



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Warrior VIP has three reoccurring themes:

Identity-Who are you and what type of student and leader do you want to be?

Purpose-How do you plan on achieving your goals? What sparks your passion? How will your plans align with supporting your community?

Career-What major have you selected; how does it align with your major? What is your path to your career?

What does the Freshman Experience look like within Warrior VIP?

  • Work in conjunction with and Academic Advisor to develop a 4-year academic plan.
  • Work with student to get involved with campus activities
  • Integrate student with the Academic Success Center
  • Focus on personal health, well-being, and financial health
  • Develop a relationship with a Warrior VIP peer mentor

What does the Sophomore Experience look like within Warrior VIP?

  • Toronto Experience
  • Resume building and writing
  • Work with student to solidify their major
  • Facilitate job shadowing with their intended career path
  • Discovering their purpose
  • Discovering the leader, you intend to be
  • Mentoring

What does the Junior Experience look like within Warrior VIP?

  • Career Planning Exploration
  • Summer Internship
  • SURGE opportunities (Success for Underrepresented Students in Graduate Education)
  • Resume building and writing
  • Mentoring
  • Participation in Mentoring program Warrior AIM-pairs you with a career mentor

What does the Senior Experience look like within Warrior VIP?

  • 10 months prior to graduation-solidify career path and post-graduation opportunities
  • Financial planning for the future
  • Are you on track to graduate?
  • Answering the question, are you the leader you want to be?
  • Mentoring
  • Network opportunities


We are proud of our students' accomplishments!

  • Our students build connections across campus and create networking opportunities that benefit their academic and social growth.
  • Our peer mentors help to bridge the gap between freshmen and sophomore year successfully
  • In collaborations with programs across campus, our students are regularly introduced to new opportunities like the SURGE (Success for Underrepresented Students in Graduate Education) program, Warrior AIM (a mentoring program career planning) and participating with the development of the platform WISR.
  • VIP students from the initial 2017 class were retained into their third year at a rate of 80%, compared to 69% for the cohort overall.
  • The retention rate was 82% for VIP students who completed FYS 1010 during their first semester. 
  • The second VIP class was retained at a rate of 80% into their second year, compared to 79% retention for the overall 2018 cohort.


-"Warrior VIP brings out the best in you and they want you to do well in all of your classes. [It] is like a family to me, and I can't wait to make more memories with all of the future mentors and mentees."

- Austin G., VIP Peer Mentor and Third-Year VIP Student

What Warrior VIP is doing during COVID-19

  • Community and belonging are more important now than ever.
  • Since March 2020, peer mentors have kept in touch with students remotely.
  • Virtual programs are hosted every week to give students a virtual space for support and connection.  



What is your vision for your freshman year in college? The Warrior VIP team is thrilled to welcome you to Wayne State University. You have been selected to participate in a program designed to help you realize your vision through a series of early support workshops that address some of the typical challenge's students face during their transition to college.

As a member of the Vision 2025 class, you will experience all the excitement of life on and around campus as soon as you're admitted. You'll also be able to:

· Receive personalized support through the Academic Success Center and Office of Multicultural Student Engagement.

· Participate in a First Year Seminar (FYS 1010) just for Warrior VIP students.

· Gain early access to important campus resources like the Office of Student Financial Aid, Dean of Students Office and Career Services.

· Gain valuable insight from current students through the Peer Mentors program.

Dates to remember for current Warrior VIP 2017-2020 students


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Warrior VIP typically participates in a study abroad experience to Toronto each year.  COVID-19 prevented that from happening winter 2020.  We hope to travel again as a group when it is safe to do so. 

In the meantime, check out our Warrior VIP Toronto blog from March 2019: ​


Here is a link to other study abroad programs through Wayne State University:



Questions or interested in participating with Warrior VIP or Lewis Latimer (a learning community within Warrior VIP)?

Please contact:

· Warrior VIP Program Coordinator: Kenya Swanson at ae4082@wayne.edu, 313.590.2730 or email https://success.wayne.edu/warrior-vip

Warrior VIP Junior/Senior Coordinator:

Praveen Loganathan at fh8828@wayne.edu, or 734.658.6711

· DTE/NAACP Lewis Latimer Learning Community Coordinator: Dwight Mcdonald at el7643@wayne.edu or 313.577.9181

The Lewis Latimer Scholars is a learning community that aims to support first-generation students who have graduated from Detroit high schools, and are majoring in technology, engineering, mathematics, or business.  

What are the requirements? 

To gain entrance into the Lewis Latimer Scholars Learning Community, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • A Detroit High School Graduate  
  • Live in the city of Detroit, MI 
  • Pell-Eligible
  • First generation college student 
  • Major in technology, engineering, mathematics, business, or a core science.  
  • Plan to live on campus for your freshman and sophomore years of undergrad.  

What does Lewis Latimer offer? 

Lewis Latimer has two major components, the housing scholarship and a learning community. The scholarship portion will cover the costs of a student's first two years of housing related expenses. Such as room and board, meal plan, and application fees. The scholarship will only cover the cost of a double occupancy room in Atchison or Ghafari Hall.  

The other component of Lewis Latimer is the learning community support. A learning community is a group that is focused on helping the students within it build community and build relationships on campus. All Latimer students will be assigned a peer mentor to help guide them through their freshman year. Latimer students will also meet with the program Coordinator who will give them additional support navigating Wayne State University. All students in Latimer are considered a part of the Warrior VIP Learning Community as well. In this learning community students will:  

  • Be matched with a peer mentor 
  • Participate in the momentum summer experience 
  • Receive personalized support through the Academic Success Center  
  • Have a community on campus where they can build meaningful relationships. 


Dwight McDonald, M.Ed.: Program Coordinator  

Phone: 313-577-9181 

Email: el7643@wayne.edu 



Frequently asked questions:

Forgot your AccessID or password?-https://tech.wayne.edu/kb/accessid-accounts/accessid

What if a Warrior VIP student is interested in participating in an additional program or learning community?

Many students are eligible to participate in more program or learning community. In these cases, the communities' coordinators work closely together to ensure that the student benefits from membership in both and is not overwhelmed by working to meet requirements. For some students, the expectations of an additional learning community provide the customized, coordinated care that proves valuable for their success.

How are students invited to participate in Warrior VIP?

The Warrior VIP considers a variety of factors when selecting talented students who have been admitted to WSU to join the learning community. Selected students have demonstrated the potential for leadership and success in college and will receive an invitation by U.S. mail and by email to join the learning community. Students will be notified of their selection during their senior year of high school.

How will this program impact students' work with an academic advisor?

The intent of Warrior VIP is to help students establish strong ties with WSU prior to starting classes in the fall and to help them build their skills and networks through graduation. To do that, it is important that students meet regularly with their academic advisor. Like other WSU students, Warrior VIP students will be matched with an academic advisor in their department if they've declared a major or with an advisor in the University Advising Center if they have not yet declared a major.

Can students be referred to the program?

Warrior VIP participants are selected during the academic year prior to their first fall semester and must be considered based on the program's selection criteria. To refer a student to Warrior VIP, please contact the Program Coordinator, Kenya Swanson at ae4082@wayne.edu. Students may also elect to participate in Warrior VIP at any point during the semester.


How have Warrior VIP students participating in First-Year Seminar (FYS) prepared for college life?

Warrior VIP participants have the opportunity to enroll in a specialized First-Year Seminar (FYS) course. Topics covered will assist students in understanding themselves as effective learners, setting goals, strengthening time management and study skills, while developing a greater awareness of the factors that influence success and the habits that can support it. 

First-Year Seminar (FYS) 1010: FYS 1010 Learning with the Brain in Mind is grounded in the science of learning and emphasizes a growth mindset to drive student motivation and achievement. In small class environments, students explore topics such as time-management, wellness, stress-management, diversity, as well as applicable evidence-based learning strategies, all which offer students a solid foundation to succeed both academically and personally. FYS 1010 satisfies the Wayne Experience General Education Requirement. This course is best registered for in the fall semester.