Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP)

The Wayne State University Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) is a comprehensive student support program and learning community. In partnership with other learning communities and departments across the University, the Warrior VIP ensures students' successful transition into college, fosters their positive engagement in the university setting and prepares students to challenge themselves as leaders beyond graduation. Warrior VIP students are part of a community of learners who thrive intellectually and personally. With the support of Wayne State University's Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, a skilled team of peer mentors and the generosity of external donors, the Warrior VIP welcomed 76 new students in the 2017/2018 academic year, an additional 136 new students in Fall 2018, and 154 students Fall 2019. We are currently recruiting the 2020/2021 cohort. 


Pre-college Sessions and the Momentum Summer Experience: Weekend and evening Pre-college Sessions introduce students to WSU resources and help students establish connections with other incoming students and university faculty and staff during their last year of high school. The five-day Momentum Summer Experience immerses students in lectures and discussions with faculty and learning specialists to strengthen academic skills and learning strategies during the week prior to the start of the semester. Students establish friendships and begin their first semester with an understanding of their strengths and prepared to leverage resources to make improvements in other areas.

Peer Mentors: Experienced students serve as trusted guides, helping first- and second-year VIP students navigate the new college environment. Peer mentors also help students recognize that many of their anxieties about college life are shared by their peers and that the university has supports in place to ensure that they progress successfully. Many VIP students choose to become peer mentors because they see this leadership role as an opportunity to support newer students just as they were supported.

First-Year Seminar (FYS) 1010: FYS 1010 Learning with the Brain in Mind is grounded in the science of learning and emphasizes a growth mindset to drive student motivation and achievement. In small class environments, students explore topics such as time-management, wellness, stress-management, diversity, as well as applicable evidence-based learning strategies, all which offer students a solid foundation to succeed both academically and personally. FYS 1010 satisfies the Wayne Experience General Education Requirement. 

VIP Panel Discussion and Speaker Series: To support students' career exploration and major selection, the VIP Panel Discussion and Speaker Series introduces students to professionals in a variety of fields and to the wide range of opportunities within industries. 

Financial Literacy and Education workshops teach students how to make smart decisions about the dollars they earn and help students stay knowledgeable about credit, budgeting and student loans.

The Warrior VIP Coalition is comprised of student services representatives and program coordinators who meet regularly to make efficient use of university capacities, share resources and best practices and address student concerns. Students who participate in learning communities affiliated with the VIP Coalition benefit from the shared resources and the improved communications that have resulted from the coordinated support of learning community partners.



We are proud of our students' accomplishments. VIP students from the initial 2017 class were retained into their third year at a rate of 80%, compared to 69% for the cohort overall. The retention rate was 82% for VIP students who completed FYS 1010 during their first semester. Black students who took FYS 1010 during their first semester were retained into their third year at a rate of 83%. This is particularly significant as we address educational disparities and work to eliminate our graduation gap.

The second VIP class was retained at a rate of 80% into their second year, compared to 79% retention for the overall 2018 cohort.


"Warrior VIP brings out the best in you and they want you to do well in all of your classes. [It] is like a family to me, and I can't wait to make more memories with all of the future mentors and mentees."

            -  Austin G., VIP Peer Mentor and Second-Year VIP Student


What is your vision for your freshman year in college?

The Warrior VIP team is thrilled to welcome you to Wayne State University. You have been selected to participate in a program designed to help you realize your vision through a series of early support workshops that address some of the typical challenges students face during their transition to college.

As a member of the Vision 2023 class, you will experience all the excitement of life on and around campus as soon as you're admitted. You'll also be able to:

  • Receive personalized support through the Academic Success Center and Office of Multicultural Student Engagement.
  • Participate in a First Year Seminar (FYS 1010) just for Warrior VIP students. 
  • Gain early access to important campus resources like the Office of Student Financial Aid, Dean of Students Office and Career Services.
  • Gain valuable insight from current students through the Peer Mentors program.

Dates to remember:

  • July 30-Incoming freshmen can join other Warrior VIP students at the Student Service Center located in the Welcome Center.  The Student Service Center will have representatives available 9:00am-11:00am to help new students make sure their financial aid or scholarship information is complete. If you plan on joining us, please contact Kenya Swanson- ae4082@wayne.edu
  • Peer Mentor Training- August 5, 2019-August 9, 2019 (For new and returning peer mentors only)
  • Momentum Summer Program-August 19, 2019-August 23, 2019 (If you are a freshman entering WSU Fall 2019 and interested in the summer program, please fill this out. https://slate.wayne.edu/register/Momentum
  • Warrior VIP/RISE and The Network students went to Toronto March 9, 2019-March 16, 2019
  • Warrior VIP will host the Toronto experience March 7, 2020-March 14, 2020. Interested students will register for PS 1010. More info to come
  • Check out our Warrior VIP Toronto Pictures 


Questions or interested in participating with Warrior VIP?

Please contact:

Frequently asked questions

Warrior VIP Peer Mentor Application

What is Warrior VIP?

The Wayne State Warrior Vision and Impact Program (VIP) is a comprehensive student support program and learning community. Warrior VIP invites incoming students to join the learning community to support their engagement with the university, development of leadership skills and the accomplishment of academic goals. Through a first-year seminar, mentoring relationships and a variety of campus resources, WarriorVIP students are part of a community of learners who thrive intellectually and personally.

How will students be invited to participate in Warrior VIP?

The Warrior VIP considers a variety of factors when selecting talented students who have been admitted to WSU to join the learning community. Selected students have demonstrated the potential for leadership and success in college and will receive an invitation by U.S. mail and by email to join the learning community. Students will be notified of their selection during their senior year of high school.

Warrior VIP is the learning community and students have access to a variety of support and resources:

  • Students will take the FYS (First-Year Seminar) 1010, which supports first-year students' academic and personal development through focused discussions, writings and activities.
  • Each student will be connected with a peer mentor — a student who will serve as a knowledgeable guide and role model.
  • Students will make purposeful connections with campus departments such as Career Services for student employment and career development, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, the Academic Success Center and other WSU learning communities.
  • Students will have access to these support services throughout their time at WSU.
  • Warrior VIP students also have the option of participating in a Study Abroad opportunity

What if a Warrior VIP student is also participating in another learning community?

Many students are eligible to participate in more than one learning community and choose to do so. In these cases, the communities' coordinators work closely together to ensure that the student benefits from membership in both and is not overwhelmed by working to meet requirements. For some students, the expectations of an additional learning community provide the customized, coordinated care that proves valuable for their success.

How will this program impact students' work with an academic advisor?

The intent of Warrior VIP is to help students establish strong ties with WSU prior to starting classes in the fall and to help them build their skills and networks through graduation. To do that, it is important that students meet regularly with their academic advisor. Like other WSU students, Warrior VIP students will be matched with an academic advisor in their department if they've declared a major or with an advisor in the University Advising Center if they have not yet declared a major.

Can students be referred to the program?

Warrior VIP participants are selected during the academic year prior to their first fall semester and must be considered based on the program's selection criteria. To refer a student to Warrior VIP, please contact the Program Coordinator, Kenya Swanson at ae4082@wayne.edu. Students may also elect to participate in Warrior VIP at any point during the semester.