SI Leader Job Description

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We are currently accepting applications for the Fall of 2014.  We have almost a dozen of vacancies to fill.  Vacancies are filled on a rolling basis.  If you are interested to be considered as a peer leader (SI leader and/or Tutor), turn in your application ASAP. 

Any questions, please contact the coordinator, Christine Huang,

The SI Leader will:

  1. Attend all lecture sessions for the supported course.
  2. Hold between 3-5 SI sessions per week and/or office hours.
  3. Plan and prepare material and activities for each session.
  4. Demonstrate good study habits and skills (such as note-taking in lecture).
  5. Help students become independent learners.
  6. Be flexible and hold extra review sessions if necessary.
  7. Be available to students and be a visible presence in the classroom.
  8. Publicize their SI sessions.
  9. Meet with the instructor at least once per week.
  10. Attend a mandatory 2 day Peer Leader Orientation and Training prior to the start of the semester and continuous monthly professional development meetings.