SI Leader FAQ

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Do SI leaders work for faculty or the academic departments?

SI leaders are employed and paid through the Academic Success Center. The ASC is solely responsible for hiring, training, and supervising SI leaders. However, SI leaders are required to work closely with faculty and develop positive relationships with department staff. SI leaders and faculty work in tandem to help students succeed.

How many hours do SI leaders work?

SI leaders work approximately 20 hours per week. Paid time includes: mandatory lecture attendance, weekly SI sessions, meeting with faculty, SI office hours, and SI preparation time. With the exception of lecture attendance, SI leaders are free to set their own session and work schedules, making it an ideal job for full-time college students.

How much does being an SI leader pay?

The ASC pays SI leaders based on experience and weekly hours cannot exceed 20 hours. If a prospective SI leader holds another paid position on campus, total hours between the two positions cannot exceed 20 hours. Any work toward SI sessions is considered paid time.

Do I need tutoring experience to be an SI leader?

No. All students who are invited to become SI leaders trained by the ASC. Prospective leaders will attend a mandatory two day orientation and training which will comprehensively prepare them for their responsibilities. Prior tutoring experience is helpful, but is not required. Previous SI attendance can also help, but is not required.

What is the SI leader's role in the lecture classroom?

SI leaders are required to be a visible, but silent presence in the classroom. The SI leader attends lecture in order to take notes and keep up with the material she/he will be covering in their SI sessions, but also to role-model the habits of successful students in lecture; note-taking, attentiveness, and active listening. SI leaders also make frequent announcements in the classroom to publicize their sessions.