Study Skills Counseling

We offer free one-to-one Study Skills Counseling to Wayne State University's undergraduate population. Please scroll down for instructions on how to register for sessions. Our Specialists will analyze your current study habits and work with you to create a customized, evidence-based plan for success. We offer assistance in the following areas:


  • Improve your test-taking abilities/preparation strategies 
  • Prevent and overcome test-anxiety 
  • Reduce your study time by learning more efficient study strategies 
  • Better manage your time in both school and personal life
  • Master your textbooks/course material
  • Improve your concentration in lecture and during study time
  • Optimize your ability to process, retain, and retrieve course information
  • Prevent and manage stress

Study Skills Counseling Registration Instructions

During Spring/Summer 2022, Study Skills Counseling session will continue to be facilitated virtually using Microsoft Teams. If you are not familiar with Microsoft Teams,click on this link to learn more. To best connect with your Specialist, we encourage you to use your camera, however, it is not required. After following the instructions below, an invitation will be sent to the Microsoft calendar associated with your WSU email. Please accept this invitation once received. 

Schedule your session by choosing the option which corresponds with your current class standing (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.). Following your first session, you can schedule up to two more meetings with your Specialist per semester. 

*Graduate/Professional Students-- Currently, 1:1 Study Skills Counseling is available only to undergraduate-level students. Graduate students are invited to take advantage of Workshops, Procrastination Accountability groups, Academic Stress Support groups, The Effective Online Learner Canvas page, and the Study Skills Academy Canvas page. 

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**Note – Please self-enroll in our Canvas course to stay current  with Study Skills Academy programming updates.