Study Skills Counseling

We offer one-to-one Study Skills Counseling to Wayne State University's undergraduate population. Our Specialists will analyze your current study habits and work with you to create a more effective, individualized plan for success. We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Improve your test-taking abilities/preparation strategies 
  • Prevent and overcome test-anxiety 
  • Reduce your study time by learning more efficient study strategies 
  • Better manage your time in both school and personal life
  • Master your textbooks/course material
  • Improve your concentration in lecture and during study time
  • Revamp your approach to memorization
  • Both prevent and/or manage stress

Meeting with a Specialist is FREE. They will guide you through structured sessions prepared to help you improve in a variety of study skills areas. All sessions are designed with your individual goals in mind – each meeting is both confidential and personalized around your needs.

In efforts to continue supporting students academically as Wayne State University makes the transition to remote courses, Study Skills Counseling will be facilitated virtually until further notice.

The Study Skills Academy is available during the following days/times during the Winter 2021 semester:  

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Instructions to register are outlined below: 

  1. Fill out the Study Skills Request Form at the following link:

  2. After completing the form, a Specialist will contact you through your WSU email address to set up an appointment. 

  3. All 1:1 Study Skills Counseling appointments will be held online for until further notice.  Online appointments will be facilitated using  Zoom. Please be sure that you have access to reliable internet and/or audio.  

  • Once an appointment time is confirmed, your assigned Specialist will email you a Zoom meeting invitation. 

  •  If you do not have access to a webcam or microphone, please indicate this on the Special Accommodations field. Your Specialist will email you instructions to dial-in with your phone.

**Note – you are highly encouraged to self-enroll into our Canvas site to stay up-to-date with any Study Skills Academy updates. Join at the link: