Comerica Scholars Learning Community

With the generous support of the Comerica Charitable Foundation, the Academic Success Center developed the Comerica Scholars Learning Community, a leadership and support program for Wayne State University's Detroit Compact and Wade McCree Scholarship recipients (GPA of at least 3.0 and ACT minimum of 21).


Vision and Mission

The mission of the Comerica Scholars Learning Community is to support talented students to excel in academics, leadership, and service learning and to engage and maximize the academic talents of the Scholars throughout their learning experiences. With positive connections with faculty, staff and the university community, Comerica Scholars graduate prepared for the competitive world and workplace.




About the Program

The Comerica Scholars are a diverse group of students selected to receive Wade McCree and Detroit Compact scholarships based on high levels of academic success and extracurricular involvement in top performing Detroit Public Schools. Research (Tinto, 2006) emphasizes that the first year is the foundation for graduation and must provide students with an active learning environment, first-year-experience transition courses and connections with faculty, advisors and campus organizations.




Program Components

Through the Comerica Scholars program components, Comerica Scholars participate in a supportive academic and social network that encourages engagement in the learning process and connection to campus resources in the first year, with continued support that spans students' undergraduate experience. The following list includes some of the components of the Comerica Scholars Program: 

  • Learning Community - This fosters intellectual growth and helps scholars develop contacts with other students and faculty.
  • First-Year Success Seminar - This seminar focuses on fine-tuning academic skills necessary to help students excel.
  • Peer Mentors - High-performing upperclassmen and alumni mentors assist students by serving as their personal sounding board through biweekly contacts.
  • Staff Contacts - Students meet with ASC staff to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding their goals.

To view a more detailed list of components, click here.




  • Access to a wide array of WSU scholarships
  • WSU leadership experiences
  • Job opportunities on campus
  • Summer Research and Internship opportunities




To learn more about the Comerica Scholars Learning Community,

please contact Joseph Bradfield at 313-577-9003 or


Tinto, V. (2006). Research and Practice of Student Retention: What Next?. Journal of College Student Retention, 8(1), 1-19.