Supplemental Instruction Leader & Tutor Job Description

Please note that the positions below are limited to Undergraduate Students Only.

Requirements for BOTH positions (Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader and Tutor):

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Must have earned a minimum of B+ in any supported course
  • 2 semesters of attendance in Wayne State University
  • Committed to supporting courses in the 1000, 2000 level
  • Demonstrate effective learning and study habits
  • Familiar with campus resources
  • Participate in mandatory training prior to the start of the position and continuous professional development meetings
  • Participate in screening interview
  • Initial two full day Training
  • Fall semester: Monday and Tuesday before the first day of classes
  • Winter Semester:  Thursday and Friday before the first day of classes

Additional Requirements for SI Leader:

  • Attend all lecture sessions for the supported course.
  • Hold a minimum of 3- SI sessions per week and 1 office hours.
  • Prepare material and activities for each session.
  • Assist students in forming study groups beyond SI sessions
  • Be flexible and hold extra sessions if necessary.
  • Be a visible presence in the classroom.
  • Publicize SI sessions and outreach to students.
  • Meet with the instructor at least once per week.

Additional Requirements for Tutor:

  • Be available for appointments and/or walk-in hours
  • Communicate with staff about tutoring issues/schedules/outcomes
  • Prepare for tutoring sessions as necessary
  • Promote tutoring sessions when possible (e.g. classroom announcement, flyers, tabling)
  • Engage students in learning for the entire sessions.
  • Integrate study skills in tutoring sessions to foster effective learning

If you are interested in any or both of the positions, please consider submitting an application. 


Please note that recommendations can be emailed directly to the coordinator,Christine Huang,

Any questions, please contact the coordinator.

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