Course Study Group

Spring/Summer 2018 Course Study Group Schedule 

Course Meeting Day/Time Facilitator Location Status
BIO 2200 Mondays, 1:00-2:00pm Nour 2nd Floor, UGL, PAL Tutoring Area Open
BIO 2200 Wednesday, 3:00-4:00pm Nour 2nd Floor, PAL Tutoring Area  Open

If you do not see a course that you are looking for, please complete a request form for your group:

Complete a request form for your group.

What is Course Study Group?

Course Study Group is a structured academic support program from the Academic Success Center that is available to all interested students who are enrolled in the course. The students are†responsible to set the agenda for the study session. Members in the group take turns to be the group leader. This is a great opportunity to learn with like-minded peers and build in regular study time for the class. Peers discuss class material in a small, structured environment. Students master content by developing and applying effective learning strategies for the course, as well as strengthening their study skills to enhance the learning experience in the current course and for future courses. A course facilitator will be assigned to the group if one is available.

Who are the Course Study Facilitators?

The facilitators are tutors. The facilitators assist group members in understanding the class material and integrate effective learning strategies and/or study skills.

Is Course Study Group for me?

If you agree with any of the following statements, you may want to participate in the course study program.

  • I want to practice and acquire various ways of learning and studying.
  • I like to talk about what I learned and what I didn't understand in class.
  • I like to study in a structured group environment.
  • I am interested in developing leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • I want more preparation and do well in exams.

How to participate in a Course Study Group?

Please check the course study group schedule below before requesting a new group. If there is an existing group that is still open for more students, you are highly encouraged to join the existing group. Students will voluntarily sign up for course study groups by completing the request form. The groups meet once or twice (1 hour to 2 hours) per week throughout the entire semester. There is no additional charge to the students for this support. All course study groups are coordinated through the Peer Assisted Learning Program in the Academic Success Center (1600 UGL).

Please review the course study group rules before signing up to ensure understanding of the expectations.

Rules & Policies

Students who did not sign up at the beginning of the semester, please visit the Academic Success Center (located in 1600 UGL) to participate in an existing group or potentially start a new group.

Any questions, please email the the coordinator, Christine Huang,