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Purpose/Mission of Math Literacy Services

The primary purpose of Math Literacy Services is to help Wayne State University students achieve academic success in mathematics.

Math Literacy Services follows the Mission of the Academic Success Center in developing "self-determined, motivated, and independent learners". This is accomplished through a variety of instructional services and programs. MLS is available to undergraduate students who want to improve their study habits and ability to learn mathematics. Students' development of efficient study skills and habits allows them to achieve academic excellence.

MLS continuously works to implement new initiatives and create programs to reach the diverse and ever-changing population of Wayne State University. We work closely with faculty and other academic offices to ensure students are receiving the assistance they need to be successful.

Reasons to Visit Math Literacy Services

  • You attend class regularly but feel you are lagging behind the class
  • You are not sure how to take notes
  • You don't feel that you have enough time to get your work done
  • You struggle taking test and sometimes don't finish in time
  • You are easily distracted during class or while studying
  • You want to improve your understanding of mathematical concepts
  • You want to enhance your study skills and improve your study habits
  • You want to succeed in your mathematics course