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Successful students know when they need extra help and the resources available to get the extra help. There are several tutoring resources available for students at Wayne State University.

Please note: Tutoring does NOT take the place of classroom instruction! Go to class!


Math Success Services takes a holistic approach to helping students. Our main focus is creating better study habits to acheive academic success. MSS also offers content-knowledge tutoring for Wayne State University students taking mathematics courses up to Calculus 2 (MAT 2020). All appointments made with MSS go directly to Len Hernandez. Make sure you let the front desk personnel know that you are there for Math Success Services.

Math Learning Specialist: Len Hernandez

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I will be experimenting with on-line tutoring through Blackboard discussion boards and Collaborate. You can pose questions to the discussion board. Anyone can answer your question. I plan on running an on-line OPEN SESSION during the weekend. I have chosen a time that would work. I will keep you posted.

If you are interested in participating with the on-line tutoring, please send me an email.