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Successful students know when they need extra help and the resources available to get the extra help. There are several tutoring resources available for students at Wayne State University.

Please note: Tutoring does NOT take the place of classroom instruction! Go to class!

The Academic Success Center offers tutors in many subjects, not just mathematics. You will need to make an appointment to see these tutors. 

Peer-Assisted Learning Director:  Christine Huang

Location: 1600 Undergraduate Library

Phone: 313-577-3165

Make a tutoring appointment with ASC

The Math Resource Center (MRC) is a free tutoring service provided by the Department of Mathematics for all students who are currently enrolled in mathematics classes at Wayne State University. The MRC also provides assistance to incoming WSU students as well as alumni that are trying to fulfill the WSU mathematics competency requirement.

MRC Program Director: Tiana Bosley

Location: 1198 Faculty/Administration Building

Phone:  313-577-3195

Learn more about the Math Resource Center

The Mathematics Computer Lab (MCL) is a computer lab for students in MAT 0993 and MAT 1050. 

MCL Director: Shereen Schultz

Location: 010 Science & Engineering Library


Learn more about the Mathematics Computer Lab