Mathematics Literacy Services (MLS) offers two over-arching services to Wayne State University students with regards to mathematics and mathematics-related courses. These two services are Mathematics Study Skills Counseling and Mathematics Content Knowledge Assistance. Short descriptions of the services are given below.

Mathematics Study Skills Counseling offers students a one-on-one appointment with a mathematics learning specialist. During this consultation, you will discuss different mathematical learning strategies that will assist you in processing mathematical content. These include conducting a study cycle, developing study skills, creating study habits, managing study time efficiently, and producing a growth mindset. We discuss other behaviors such as procrastination, math anxiety, and fixed mindset and how to transform them into more positive behaviors.

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Mathematical content knowledge assistance helps you understand the conceptual aspect of mathematics. Our services include one-on-one tutoring and supplemental math study groups. In these sessions, we strive for conceptual understanding and broadening the students' view of mathematics. Our approach places you in the center of learning rather than the recipient of content. Be prepared to do work and think your way through the problems!

We also offer testing assistance for the WSU Math Placement Exam and the mathematics sections of the MTTC, PRE, and SAT.

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