Mathematics content assistance

Mathematics Literacy Services offers content-knowledge assistance for Wayne State University students taking mathematics courses up to Calculus 2 (MAT 2020) in three forms; one-on-one tutoring, supplemental math study groups, and on-line tutoring sessions.

When attending your appointment/session, please make sure you bring worked out problems and questions. The mathematics learning specialist will work through the problems with the student. Our approach to learning mathematics is by doing mathematics. 

One-on-one tutoring is by appointment only. These requests go straight to the Mathematics Learning Specialist, Len Hernandez and are NOT on the second floor of the UGL. These appointments will be at the Academic Success Center, located on the first floor of the Undergraduate Library (UGL). Make sure to let the front desk know you are there to see Len Hernandez.

Make an appointment with MLS

Supplemental Math Study Groups are group sessions on specific mathematics courses, MAT 1050, MAT 1800, and MAT 2010. Study groups also assists students in various statistics and probability classes (MAT 1000, STA 1020, BA 2300, etc.). These study groups are facilitated by a member of Mathematics Literacy Services.

Review the times Supplemental Math Study Groups meet

On-line tutoring is an experimental program offering online assistance after ASC office hours. This is done through Canvas. In order to participate, you must be enrolled into the Canvas program. If you are interested in participating with the on-line tutoring, please send me an email.

Please note: Tutoring does NOT take the place of classroom instruction! Go to class!