Mathematics content assistance

Mathematics Literacy Services (MLS) supports contact knowledge in many 1000-level mathematics courses, statistics course, quantitative experience (QE) courses, and courses with mathematical content. Mathematics content support is offered in  three forms; one-on-one tutoring, supplemental math study groups, and MLS Canvas Page.

When attending your appointment/session, please make sure you bring worked out problems and questions. The mathematics learning specialist will work through the problems with the student. Our approach to learning mathematics is by doing mathematics. 

One-on-one tutoring is by appointment only. These requests go straight to the Mathematics Learning Specialist, Len Hernandez and are NOT on the second floor of the UGL. These appointments will be at the Academic Success Center, located on the first floor of the Undergraduate Library (UGL). Make sure to let the front desk know you are there to see Len Hernandez.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions set by Wayne State University, all one-on-one tutoring sessions will be held on Zoom. When you schedule an appointment, you will be sent the Zoom invitation via email.

Make an appointment with MLS

For instructions on making an appointment with MLS, click here.

Supplemental Math Study Groups are group sessions on specific mathematics courses, MAT 1070, MAT 1800, and STA 1020. These study groups are facilitated by a member of Mathematics Literacy Services. Click the course below to see the current schedule of times and Zoom IDs.

FALL 2021 - MAT 1070 Supplemental Mathematics Study Group Schedule

FALL 2021 - MAT 1800 Supplemental Mathematics Study Group Schedule

FALL 2021 - STA 1020 Supplemental Mathematics Study Group Schedule

The MLS Canvas Page has several resources for mathematics students. All tutoring and Supplemental Mathematics Study Groups are on-line. To participate, you must self-enroll in the Mathematics Literacy Services Canvas page.

To self-enroll in the Mathematics Literacy Services Canvas Page.

  1. Go to to self-enroll to Mathematics Literacy Services Remote Study Group Canvas site.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Len Hernandez at or call to 313-577-3246.

Please note: Tutoring does NOT take the place of classroom instruction! Go to class!