Making an Appointment with Mathematics Literacy Services

Please be sure to read over the instructions carefully since the scheduling of appointment for Mathematics Literacy Services has changed! If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Len Hernandez at or 313-577-3246


To schedule an appointment with Mathematics Literacy Services:

  1. Sign into
  1. Click the tab that reads "Click to schedule an appointment…"

Click to Schedule


  1. In the Department drop-down menu, select "Meet with a Math Skills Specialist"

Department drop-down menu


  1. In the Subject drop-down menu, select the appropriate service
    1. FPC 1010 Office Hours is a 30-minute appointment dedicated to students taking FPC 1010 – Math for the Arts course.
    2. MAE 1000 Office Hours is a 30-minute appointment dedicated to students taking MAE 1000 – Detroit by the Numbers course.
    3. Math Literacy appointments are 60-minute and discuss processing and understanding of mathematics in the daily world.
    4. Math Placement Assessment Assistance is a 30-minute appointment for students who need more information regarding the Math Placement Assessmenet.
    5. Mathematics Study Skills Counseling is a 60-minute appointment for students who are in need of tips, strategies, techniques, etc. regarding study skills and study habits pertaining to mathematics. Please specify what you would like to discuss during this appointment.
    6. Mathematics Tutoring and Content Knowledge is a 60-minute appointment for students who need assistance on mathematics content material and a broader understanding of the concepts. Please specify the course and topics you would like to discuss in this appointment.

Subject drop-down menu

  1. At this time, our services continue to be remote.
    1. All appointments will be conduct via Microsoft Teams except Mathematics Tutoring and Concept Knowledge.
    2. Mathematics Tutoring and Concept Knowledge appointments will be held via ZOOM. A ZOOM link will be emailed to the student the morning of the appointment.
  2. Select the Date & Time that best fits your schedule.
    1. This will show dates that have available time slots for the particular services. The parentheses at the end shows the amount of time slots available that day.

Date and time