First Year Seminar

FYS 1010- Learning with the Brain in Mind

FYS 1010 is an interactive, evidence-based study skills course that prepares first-year students to manage the rigor of university-level learning. The topics covered in FYS 1010 include (but are not limited to):


  • Time-management/procrastination

  • Memory and comprehension

  • Study planning

  • Exam-prep/test-anxiety reduction

  • Stress-management

  • Concentration improvement


FYS 1010 is a one-credit class that meets once per week for 50 minutes…50 minutes which can save you innumerable hours of ineffective study later.

*Be sure to let your advisor know you want to register for FYS 1010 at New Student Orientation.

Interested in serving as an instructor for FYS 1010? Visit our employment page to apply.